The Sky Drops—who will be performing this Saturday night at The Blockley as part of The Key’s launch party—have just released a new video for the song “Swimming With Fishes” off their 2009 debut, Bourgeois Beat. By our count, this is the fourth video the Wilmington-based grunge-gaze duo has released in support of the album—not that you have to worry about the band breaking the bank on them. The videos for both “Long Way” and “Stone White” are video-clip assemblages set to the band’s music; by comparison, the live-action abstract video for “Truth Is” is a big-budget blockbuster. “Swimming With Fishes,” meanwhile, is an equally appropriate lo-fi affair: a single-shot, one-take deal that captures a pair of working-glove-clad hands illustrating a story that has something to do with life, death, and Our Dark Lord Satan.