The members of local bedroom-pop-band-done-good A Sunny Day In Glasgow stopped by the WXPN studios a few Saturdays ago to chat while warming up for their gig at Swarthmore’s Olde Club. Topics included their brilliant new full-length Autumn Again, their seriously imaginative music videos, and the perils of being a band geographically scattered between Philly, New York, and Australia. You can hear the entire session and interview on Y-Rock Philly Local on Sunday, November 28th, at 8 p.m.; get a taste below with two songs and a sampler battle. Yes, you read correctly. While I was setting the studio up, bandleader Ben Daniels and singer Jen Goma triggered noises and beats on their respective samplers to soundcheck—and, once they realized they liked what they heard, spent two minutes waging all-out war. Totally hip-hop.