Ben Vaughn returns to Philadelphia this Friday, April 1, for a show at World Cafe Live in Philadelphia. The singer, producer, and host of The Many Moods Of Ben Vaughn (heard every Saturday night at 5 p.m. on WXPN) doesn’t tour often—this show is only his second since he performed at last year’s XPoNential Music Festival. “I love coming back and playing Philly,” Vaughn told us recently via e-mail. “It’s always felt more like a party than a career move. People here really love live music and it’s where I started, so it’s a blast. Reuniting with the Quintet has been thoroughly enjoyable both onstage and off. I’ve been playing with some of these guys for over 25 years now and we still dig each others’ company. Fancy that! Needless to say, I love it.”

We asked Ben to list some of his favorite things about Philly; his responses are below:

– My family. I’m the only one who flew the coop so Philly / South Jersey is still a very strong magnet for me.
– The Geator! His rhythm and enthusiasm are addictive. I just saw his billboard coming in from the airport. It’s impossible to imagine Philly without him.
– The Phillies opening day. Even if it snows which it might this year.
– David Dye. I was a fan back in the early 70s because he always played stuff I’d never heard of. And he still does!
– Charlie Gracie. He once told me I should dress my band up like hobos and call ourselves Benny and The Bums. I didn’t follow his advice. He’s probably still disappointed in me to this day. Sorry, Charlie.
– Ween. These guys have the best songs about Philly food. “Pork Roll, Egg and Cheese” for example.
– The Soul Survivors. They still “bring it” and they’re great guys. Philly is lucky to have them.

Below, a couple of classic Ben Vaughn videos.

Ben Vaughn performs with Dan Montgomery Friday, April 1, at 9 p.m. at World Cafe Live Upstairs; tickets to the 21+ show are $13.