Dan Svizeny chooses to make his home in New Hope, on the PA side of the river, but he reps South Jersey. A graduate of TCNJ, he lists Springsteen as his greatest influence, his blog posts frequently dissect the intricacies of the Garden State, and he seems to almost single-handedly hold down the Trenton music scene.  Perhaps his most well-known work is with the band Blackhawks, a psychedelic indie-rock group inspired by the logo of the Chicago hockey team. (It should be noted that, despite this double-crossing band name, Svizeny is a passionate fan of Philly sports). Blackhawks recently collaborated with Radiator Girls, dropping the buzz-generating cassette Black Girls (which we mentioned last week). The second in his trifecta of offbeat genre bands is Nude Beach, a group he classifies as stoner metal. Cough Cool, the moniker he takes tonight, is his bedroom project. He calls it doomwave; it resembles Times New Viking in that it’s lo-fi but with harder edges. He hasn’t released anything official as Cough Cool since 2009 but new tunes appear frequently on his blog; his older material is also available via BandCamp. Cough Cool performs with Gray Young and Lantern at 8 p.m. at Danger Danger Gallery; tickets to the all-ages show are $5-$10.