Matt And Kim sit comfortably atop the heap of indie-pop duos. Unlike other pairs, such as Yacht and Philly’s own Reading Rainbow, the finesse with which they so easily pull off their preferred DIY production model has given the Brooklyn-based pair a distinct advantage. Matt Johnson, with his spastic yelps and punchy keyboard, paired with Kim Schifino’s incorrigibly dancy kick drums and other raucous synth percussion, make for the simple, catchy, frenetic magic. Since 2006, the duo’s style hasn’t changed much, which may not make music critics happy, but certainly keeps concert-goers happy. After their third recording, Sidewalks, was released in November of 2010, their most popular tracks continue to be the most perky and energetic—all the better for a sweaty, dance-your-heart-out good time. Even more reverent tracks, with slightly more cerebral and introspective lyrics (like “Spare Change”), are just jerky and bouncy enough in the same set as favorites like “Daylight” and “Cameras,” their most recent single off of Sidewalks. Matt And Kim perform with Reptar and The Hood Internet at 8 p.m. at The Trocadero; tickets to the all-ages show are SOLD OUT. —Danielle Wayda