This past April we told you about a new album in the works from electronica musician and producer Dayve Hawk who records under the name of Memory Tapes. The album, Player Piano, is being released on July 4th on Carpark Records.

We recently got in touch with Hawk via e-mail to find out more about the album. He produced, recorded and played everything on the album himself. About the album, he said:

With Seek Magic (Memory Tapes’ debut album) I was doing a lot of dance music, sort of extended tracks so for this one I wanted to do a more song based, melodic record. The starting point was really old Girl Group stuff, sort of brash/rough/naive pop music. The end result doesn’t really sound directly linked to that stuff, but I tend to veer pretty far off my starting point. Seek Magic was born of my love for “Spirit Of Eden” by Talk Talk and I ended up making half a disco record!

Asked what was on his turntable now, Hawk told us “my favorite thing right now has been “Arthur” by the Kinks and maybe the first five Roxy Music records.”

Memory Tapes will be doing some tour dates throughout the Summer and Fall with a show August 10th at Johnny Brenda’s. Below, two new videos of songs from his forthcoming album.