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This Friday and Saturday night, Steely Dan is playing at the Tower Theatre. Knowing that the members of Work Drugs are fans of the Dan, we asked then to give us a video preview of the upcoming shows. (Work Drugs, meanwhile, will perform at World Cafe Live next Monday during our first ever Key Studio Sessions Live concert with Black Landlord and Hezekiah Jones + Andrew Lipke. The show is free, but you need to RSVP for it here.) Below, Ben Louisiana of Work Drugs weighs in on some of his favorite Steely Dan songs.

“My Old School”: The line “Smoking with the boys upstairs,” starting this off, The Dan were the original purveyors of the smooth. And, though Walter Becker’s chaotic solo would make George Lucas cream in his pants, this track is undoubtedly the pusherman’s smooth drug of choice when exposing new generations to just how captivating a cowbell-driven song can be. There have been many a nights on the vessel Work Drugs that we closed it all down, wondering just why “Guadalajara just won’t do.”

“Babylon Sister”: Drive west on Market, to the Tower. We will be there, and like our good friend and collaborator Duke Silver might say, “Maybe we can walk through the fire together.”

“Aja”: ‘Nuff said, smooth sailors. With a chorus that pleads for “a name when I lose,” the Dan knew how to write a song for all the lush life wannabe’s out there. Coming in at seven minutes and change, you won’t find too many smooth singles that crack the Billboard Top 100—but this track did just that. Who knows? With all the scotch whiskey in Upper Darby, maybe you’ll get lucky at the Steely Dan show, just don’t sue them if they play too long.

“Black Cow”: Before Lord Tariq and Peter Gunz took it Uptown, the Dan were bringing it downtown, taking it to the streets. So “Drink your big black cow and get” to the Tower Theater this Friday and Saturday to see the Dan.

Steely Dan performs at 8 p.m. Friday, September 9th, and Saturday, September 10th, at the Tower Theatre; ticket information is here.

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