Yesterday on twitter we picked up a tweet that said “listening to “Sun Ra WXPN 1976 side A.” After reaching out to this person, we were led to this site that had an archive of Sun Ra and his Arkestra on WXPN. Here’s the description:

On Christmas Day 1976, Sun Ra read a selection of his poems accompanied by music on the program “Blue Genesis” over the University of Pennsylvania’s radio station WXPN. The choice of poems and their sequencing offers what Sun Ra thought was most important in his writing. Here are key words like “cosmos,” “truth,” “bad,” “myth,” and “the impossible,”; attemtion to phonetic equivalence; the universality of the music and its metaphysical status; allusions to black fraternal orders and secret socities; biblical passages and their interpretation; and even a few atuobiographical glmipses. The poems were read softly, with little expressions, the music punctuating the words, with the heavy echo and delay in the studio sometimes reducing the words to pure sound without meaning. — from “Space is the Place: The Life and Times of Sun Ra” John Szwed.

Listen to Side A here
Listen to Side B here