Tonight's Concert Pick: Jeff Mangum at Irvine Auditorium - WXPN | Vinyl At Heart

Tonight, Jeff Mangum plays the show that sold out in 35 seconds. That statistic is impressive for a number of reasons, including the fact that it broke Mangum’s rumored previous record of selling out tickets to a New York show in one minute last year. His band Neutral Milk Hotel was undeniably a staple in the late ’90s indie-rock scene, and Mangum’s other famous project, Elephant 6 Records, is easily a legend and a beacon to lovers of lo-fi. But still, one has to marvel at that statistic: 35 seconds is unbelievable, regardless of Magnum’s arguably well-deserved hype. Whether this is a testament to how beloved Neutral Milk Hotel still is, or simply an outpouring of mystified fans seeking a mere glimpse at the elusive Mangum, this show is guaranteed to be as fascinating as its ticket sales were, even if the most entertaining part is watching the audience. Jeff Mangum performs with The Music Tapes at 8 p.m. at Irvine Auditorium; tickets to the show are SOLD OUT. —Naomi Shavin

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