Jason Killinger, from Birds Of Maya, has joined up with Sean Hamilton (Acid Kicks), Paul Sukeena, and Eva Killinger as Spacin’—a gloriously loud psychedelic rock band about to release its debut album, Deep Thuds, on Richie Records. Deep Thuds is filled with gritty, garage-y guitars and rocks with unpretentious swagger in a Stooges/Velvet Underground/Blue Cheer manner. There are ambient guitar noise moments that bring to mind the guitar jams of Spacemen 3, and hints of hyper-Creedence Clearwater boogie on songs like “Sushine No Shoes.” Spacin’ is indeed part of the new Philly power-rock generation along with bands like Purling Hiss and Lantern. Read this interview with Jason to learn more about the band. Below, listen to a couple of the demos from the band’s Bandcamp site. The album is expected to be released in the next couple months and we’ll keep you posted on the release date when we get one from the band.