Joe Louis Walker knows the blues inside and out, from history to riff to meaning. Playing the guitar by the time he was eight, and publicly performing in San Francisco’s Bay Area by the time he was a teen, Walker was deeply influenced by T. Bone Walker and B.B. King. He played with the likes Buddy Miles, Otis Rush, Steve Miller, and Jimi Hendrix. Walker has released over 20 albums, won multiple Grammys, and has recently released Hellfire which is bursting with electrifying guitar riffs, melancholy blues jaunts, and more Hendrix-style rock than can usually be found on one of his albums. At last Friday’s Free At Noon he played timeless yet funky Chicago-style blues. From his fiery red guitar to his incendiary solos, the funk and soul of his set was enthralling. Delivering up songs like the gospel-tinged “Soldier for Jesus” on air and the beautifully textured “You’re Gonna Make Me Cry” during the encore, Walker and his band brought the groove to World Cafe Live. In case you missed it you can listen to the show here.

Set List
1. Too Drunk To Drive Drunk

2. I Won’t Do That

3. Soldier For Jesus

4. Hellfire

5. I’m On To You

6. Ride All Night

7. Black Girls

8. You’re Gonna Make Me Cry