This month’s episode of Shaking Through—the online audio and video collaboration between Weathervane Music and WXPN—features a song by Faces On Film called “Waiting For GA.” The Boston-based solo project of Mike Fiore released its sophomore album Some Weather last summer. This month’s episode was recorded in late January at Miner Street Recordings, produced by Brian McTear, engineered by Joe Bisirri, and guest curated by Marissa Nadler.

From the folks at Shaking Through:

Fiore’s first foray into music was as a teenager, playing guitar on porches in his hometown of Rochester, NY with neighborhood friends and their parents. A foundation in folk and traditional American standards laid the groundwork for his evolution as a songwriter, but realizing songwriting didn’t have to be about precise storytelling freed him to develop his music’s identity. “When you relieve yourself of the burden of telling a perfect story in an arch, you get a glimpse of the words and imagery and language that come naturally,” he says. “There’s a layer of reality that is stripped away and it’s as if a mechanism is exposed, and you can see into someone’s mind.”

That approach guided Faces on Film’s first two releases, The Troubles (2008) and Some Weather (2010), which earned Best of Boston acclaim and praise from outlets like NPR and PopMatters. Perhaps not surprisingly, the latter was inspired by a series of recurring dreams; like “Waiting for GA,” Some Weather captures more of an ethereal sense of existence without unnecessarily descriptive details. His reluctance to explicitly divulge the meaning behind his songs is central to his songwriting philosophy. “I have this weird superstition,” he explains. “If you can identify the source of something and too perfectly pinpoint it, it can go away. It loses something you had before you could describe it. There’s no more possibility as soon as you attach a description to it.”

You can listen to the track and watch the video below; visit Shaking Through’s website to see photos, interviews, and more from the session.

Shaking Through: Faces on Film from Weathervane Music on Vimeo.