This week, The Spinto Band released its first full-length record in three-and-a-half years. The wait might have been long since 2008’s Moonwink, but truly it was time well spent, since The Shy Pursuit might just be the Wilmington indiepop five-piece’s strongest and most mature showing. The songwriting is sharp, clever and sophisticated; frontman Nick Krill hits melodic highs reminiscent of David Byrne, while bassist Thomas Hughes and guitarist Joe Hobson contribute songs that explore jazzy meters and classic crooner melodies with a psychedelic twist. The band is about to settle into a month-long residency at Kungfu Necktie featuring some of the strongest lineups of local talent this spring (May 8 features a solo set by Alec Ounsworth, and a performance by Purples, which features former members of 00’s Philly indierock faves The Teeth). While those shows are bound to be done up full-band rock-out style, the most refreshing thing about this new batch of songs is how well they are rearranged in new and interesting manners – just like The Spintos did for the Key Studio Session you can download below.