There’s been a sore spot in many a local musicophile’s heart following the break-up — though amicable — of Philly psych-rock outfit Arches. But those mourning the loss of good ol’ tunes can rejoice in the revelation of good new ones: Tom Herman Jr., former Arches co-leader, has recently released his first full-length album as Old Smile, a solo project he established back in 2010. Hearing Static is awash in glowing psychy ambience, smooth and soothing. Imagine a sort of toned down and warmed up Beach House sound that made you feel content rather than melancholy, and you’re approaching the vibe Old Smile gives off. With certain tracks harboring hints of jazz and others a folky air, Old Smile has created an album with impressive and captivating scope. Hearing Static is available on Old Smile’s bandcamp. Below, watch a video for the opening track, “Quiet Nights.”