For West Philly’s Lauryn Peacock, the Fairly Busy Wife EP released earlier this summer closed the chapter on an era of her songwriting. It compiled four songs recorded for her 2011 debut Keep It Simple, Let The Sun Come Out that didn’t quite fit but were too good to leave behind. How good? Check out the stirring rise and fall of “Window in the Night” in this week’s Key Studio Session and tell me it doesn’t give you chills. Peacock brought a fantastic backing band to WXPN – guitarist Carl Cheeseman (of Honey Watts and Johnny Miles & the Waywards, and most recently seen rocking out with The Great Unknown at 2nd Street Fest), drummer Tom Bendel (of Buried Beds) and cellist Dan Delaney – and the group helped her turn the page into a new body of work by recording three new, equally emotive songs. “Winter is Never Enough” is a wonderful tearjerker, “All My Mind” is dazed piano pop with a modern flair, and the moving pulse of “Quiet Moments” is a total joy. Download the new songs below; hopefully more will be in store when Peacock plays The Fire on Thursday Aug. 23.