Next month, reunited Philly power pop four-piece The Bigger Lovers celebrates the 10th anniversary of its album Honey in the Hive with an appearance at Johnny Brenda’s on Saturday, Sept. 8. Preparing for the show, the band found itself digging through the Lovers’ archives and dug out an unreleased nugget titled “Barely 5:30.” Says songwriter Bret Tobias:

I used to be hungover a lot. “Barely 5:30” is about that. Ya know, waking up mid-morning, sunlight glaring through the blinds, and feeling like, “Shit, swear I just went to bed an hour ago.” I occasionally get nostalgic for that stuff, and then I accidentally reacquaint myself with that kind of hangover and realize how incompatible it is with my current life. Not a bad song though.

Help yourself to a pay-what-you-wish download of “Barely 5:30” below. The Bigger Lovers play with Echo Orbiter and Cliff Hillis at Johnny Brenda’s, 1201 North Frankford Ave., on Saturday, Sept. 8. Tickets to the 21+ show are $10.