Like something out of Midnight Vultures-era Beck, it’s hard to definitively say if the latest music video from Johnny Showcase is parody, surrealism, or an honest picture of a far-out guy. For certain, everything going on in “Sensual, Parts 1 & 2” is tacky and more than a little ridiculous…but one also gets the sense that these folks in the technicolor suit jackets and swarthy shades are 100% serious. I mean, the song is a stone groove with a catchy refrain. And to play the funk this believably, you’ve got to mean it somewhat. Maybe Showcase doesn’t ever really stop being Showcase – even when he’s going by his offstage name, David Sweeny. Whichever the case, the video below is four-and-a-half minutes of good fun. Look for folks from The Spinning Leaves and The Bailey Hounds among Showcase’s cohorts from the Lefty Lucy Cabaret, and check out his LP Love is the Message on iTunes.