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It’s the start of a new month, which means a new edition of PhilaMOCA‘s music-and-film series, Tuesday Tune-Out. This time, we’ve got a great round of offerings lined up by the folks at The Deli.

When you’re covering a local music scene like we do here at The Key, you get to know the folks who are out there with you every week in the proverbial trenches. Editor Q.D. Tran and his staff at The Deli are good people through and through – friendly, enthusiastic and passionate about the Philly scene and everything that goes along with it, from spoken word to art. I’m happy to call them my buddies (as well as friendly competitors or what have you), and I’m happy to invite Q.D. to our corner of the internet to give an overview of The Deli’s offerings for the month. All events are at PhilaMOCA (531 N. 12th Street), start at 7:30pm and are $5.

From Q.D.:
Hola – so when Eric Bresler, PhilaMOCA’s Creative Director, approached me about a new series that he was working on which integrated live music and film and would have different curators each month, I immediately volunteered to take a month. Combining music and movies is a no-brainer in my book, I grew up loving both as I am sure many of you who are reading this have. Obviously, it was a blast to get to put together the lineup of featured artists for September – so much so that I decided to recruit openers for most of the evenings as well. John Vettese asked me to “Guest VJ,” sharing a few videos and words about my picks. Below is what I came up with last night. I hope that it gets people inspired and pumped up as much as all of us are who are participating in Tuesday Tune-Out this month.

Tuesday 9/4:
Jason Ferraro (of The Homophones) with a film screening

I’ve booked and presented many shows for The Deli Philly with The Homophones. When it was confirmed that I would be curating in September, Jason Ferraro was the first artist that I thought of being part of this with me, and I’m glad that he was available to kick things off. If anyone has experienced a performance by him, then you should already know that he’ll give it his all on stage. (Many times blood has been shed.) He has a warped, wicked sense of humor that cracks me up. Jason is very talented, and he also works hard to provide a fun, party environment for all who attend. He’ll be providing popcorn and hot dogs this evening. Below is an excerpt from the movie that he has chosen, which is Bill Murray’s only directorial effort.

Tuesday 9/11:
Tadoma + Jeff Zeigler (of Arc in Round) with Car Sagan’s Cosmos: “The Edge of Forever”

I came across Tadoma, a.k.a. Joe Patitucci, a while back when he became a last minute replacement for Post Post, who very unexpectedly broke up the week of Arc in Round’s EP Release Party at Johnny Brenda’s that The Deli was presenting. Joe opened the evening, and completely mesmerized the audience with his ambient soundscapes. The room was completely silent. Then, as the final note ended the set and Patitucci pulled away from his equipment to raise his hands to single that he was done, the crowd erupted with applause. Apparently, it is a common occurrence for his sets, and I absolutely believe it.

I’m a fan of Jeff Zeigler’s past project Relay and his current band Arc in Round as well as his production work. After catching a set with him on keys and harpist Mary Lattimore, it just made sense to me why he and Patitucci were musical comrades who should be on the same bill together. It was also fitting because I was introduced to Tadoma at the Arc in Round EP Release Party. To go along with their interstellar sounds, Joe has chosen his favorite episode of Carl Sagan’s Cosmos series called “The Edge of Forever,” which will be making its appearance on VHS with original graphics. I’d suggest attendees to burn plenty of herb for this one. (But then again, why not do it for all our showcases?)

Tuesday 9/18:
Arrah and the Ferns + Jay Purdy (of The Extraordinaires) with a film screening

Arrah and the Ferns are one of those local groups that are really hitting their stride as a band. Arrah Fisher is a Muncie, IN transplant with the sweetest voice and a knack for luring you in with her pop hooks. She has definitely benefitted from her move, connecting with the local music community, and after years of trying out different combinations in her band, the group appears to be solidified and in sync. I’m not sure why Arrah and the Ferns chose their movie, but it definitely took them a while to agree on one, which you can check out a trailer for below.

Jay Purdy was just added to the bill yesterday. He’s the creative, charismatic leader of The Extraordinaires, a band that I’ve booked for mutiple Deli Philly special event showcases. I was inspired to book more openers after asking Zeigler to join the lineup for the week before. Jay is always entertaining and a pal of Arrah and the Ferns as well as our publication. It’s simply just fun to watch a classic, silly movie with your friends.

Tuesday 9/25:
Vintage Kicks with a film screening

I wanted to rock out at my final Tuesday Tune-Out, and invite a young band that I’ve never booked before. I knew Vintage Kicks would help me achieve both my goals. They’ve been on my radar from their infancy with tracks like “King Geek” and “Iron Fist.” I was also glad that our jury of editors from other Deli cities also appreciated them, and made them our staff’s pick for last year’s Deli Philly End of the Year Poll.

I actually chose the documentary for this evening because it’s one of my favorites, and I have always wanted to host a screening of it. Since this was my last curated night, I thought that it would be a perfect time to share it with everyone. I LOVE docs in general, and this one is a driving force behind why I wanted to curate Tuesday Tune-Out at PhilaMOCA. Also don’t be surprised if I end up adding another opener for the final shindig. These evenings are going to rule so I look forward to watching some great performances and films with old and new friends. Cheers!

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