When The Only Ghost in Town released a new music video for its song “Waterfall” yesterday, frontman Dan Saraceni admitted he ruined a good pair of shoes in the filmmaking process. It’s pretty easy to see why: along a light rail train track that is either the PATCO Line in South Jersey or the Route 100 / 101 line in Delaware County, Saraceni lurches slowly forward in a tight head-and-shoulders shot while all manner of items are thrown at him. A bucket of water, flour, glitter, breakfast cereal. A chair goes flying, but it’s a near miss. It’s a one-joke concept, sure, but sometimes single jokes that work are the best jokes. Watch it below, and get a free download of TOGiT’s current EP All of the Stars Are For You at Bandcamp.

The Only Ghost In Town: “Waterfall” from colin miller on Vimeo.