Before Brooklyn’s Snowmine envelope you in their intricate layers of texture and atmosphere at Johnny Brenda’s tomorrow night, take a listen to their new single “Saucer Eyes” from their now complete forthcoming record. Led by former classical music composer Grayson Sanders, Snowmine are experimental in their song construction, often using found-sounds and layering to achieve a sonic experience similar to that of an orchestra.  Sanders discussed his band’s composition process in detail when they stopped by Philadelphia’s Miner Street Recordings and The Rotunda for a Shaking Through episode last November; you can watch the episode and download the resulting track called “Curfews” here.

If you’ve been to a Snowmine show before you’ll recall their beautiful use of projected images.  For this tour, they are taking the sensory stimulation to another level with a new iPhone app they created.  Called Colorbeast, the app converts sounds from the show into a kaleidoscope of visuals projected behind the band.  To fully experience Snowmine’s lush aesthetic, get your tickets for their show at Johnny Brenda’s with Gracie and Lockets here.  Stream “Saucer Eyes” below and download the name-your-own-price track on Snowmine’s Bandcamp.