Exciting news has come out from the blustery Scottish headquarters of Frightened Rabbit: the band’s fourth studio album Pedestrian Verse will be out on Atlantic Records in February 2013.  According to lead singer Scott Hutchinson, Pedestrian Verse will be decidedly darker than the previous albums, as the band has been experimenting with minor keys for their newer material.  The album also marks the band’s major label debut; the three earlier LPs were released on indie label Fat Cat Records.  View the tracklist below, and then watch Frightened Rabbit”s video for “State Hospital” from their recent State Hospital EP.  You can also download a free EP in exchange for your email address here.

Pedestrian Verse

01. Acts Of Man
02. Backyard Skulls
03. Holy
04. The Woodpile
05. Late March, Death March
06. December’s Traditions
07. Housing (in)
08. Dead Now
09. State Hospital
10. Nitrous Gas
11. Housing (out)
12. The Oil Slick