Photo by Jason Thrasher

Camper Van Beethoven releases its first new album in nine years, La Costa Perdida on January 22nd on 429 Records. David Lowery, frontman for CVB, recently told Billboard Magazine about the album:

“It’s like Camper Van Beethoven leaning towards the Beach Boys’ Big Sur period and the Grateful Dead. There’s this Beach Boys album called ‘Holland’ that we have long had a fascination with in Camper, and we sort of ended up paying tribute to it by accident.” The track “Northern California Girls,” he says, also takes a page out of the Beach Boys’ songbook; “Instead of ‘California Girls’ I started fucking around and singing about northern California girls,” he says. “Then I very quickly developed a story to it and finished it off.

WXPN Welcomes CVB to World Cafe Live on Friday, January 18th. Go here for tickets and more information about the show.