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This week, we welcomed the return of Unlocked – The Key’s regular series spotlighting new and significant releases by Philadelphia musicians – with a look at Ross Bellenoit and his Home Songs project.  The Boston-native-turned-Philadelphia-resident shared his solo craftemanship with three home-recorded EPs released over the span of several months this year.  The songs on the three EPs represent a transitional period in Bellenoit’s life; though some of the songs were started in 2010 (when the guitarist began experimenting with his home-recordings abilities ) they really came together in the last six months, after Bellenoit took a hiatus from touring with other bands to focus on his own material.

We went in-depth with Bellenoit’s solo work in this Unlocked installment – from a review of Volume 3 and the Home Songs trio as a collection, to an interview with Bellenoit on his process and influences – but that paints only a partial picture of Bellenoit’s life as a musician.  To gain a complete understanding of just how big a role Bellenoit plays in his peers’ careers, we have to look at his discography as a whole.  With production, songwriting and instrumentation work for Lauryn Peacock, Birdie Busch and Hezekiah Jones (just to name a few) under his belt, the full picture of Bellenoit’s life as a musician shows a ubiquitous and deeply respected talent in the Philadelphia music scene; a true musician’s musician.

Check out a selection of Bellenoit’s genre-crossing work below. And celebrate the completion of Bellenoit’s Home Songs project tonight at Underground Arts.

Producer: Ginger Coyle Homeward Bound

Musician: DiversWild Things

Producer & Musician: Aaron & the Spell Sing

Musician: Sun AirwayNocturne of Exploded Crystal Chandelier

Musician: The Sweetback Sisters “Be Back Home Tonight”

Musician: Da’ T.R.U.T.H.The Big Picture

Home Songs Vol. 1 – 3 is the featured album in this edition of Unlocked; hear the spotlighted single “Down To One” in Monday’s post, read Tuesday’s album review; watch the “Besides” video in Wednesday’s post, read my interview with Ross Bellenoit from yesterday. And stay tuned to The Key for future album spotlights on Unlocked.

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