If you’ve seen the new Paul Rudd – Leslie Mann mid-life / mid-marriage meditation This is 40, you know that it does a great job mixing rom-com sentimentality with hysterically crass Judd Apatow-isms and a healthy dose of music nerdery. British pub rocker Graham Parker appears as himself in a role that’s simultaneously triumphant and self-deprecating, and we also get a quick cameo from Green Day’s Billie Joe Armstrong. Turns out there were even more guest spots on the cutting room floor. Earlier this week, Consequence of Sound hipped us to this scene with Eels frontman Mark Oliver Everett. Or, wait, is he just Eels incarnate? He clarifies that for us, but not after a husky and heartrending performance of “What I Have To Offer” from 2010’s Tomorrow Morning LP. Watch the video below; see another outtake with Billie Joe pitching a Norwegian death metal twee-pop hybrid at Consequence of Sound; and catch Eels in concert at World Cafe Live on March 2.