Philly emo four-piece Everyone Everywhere might move at their own pace – touring Europe when their new record came out, then waiting nearly six months to play a hometown album release show – but that’s okay.  These dudes are strong enough players and stirring enough songwriters that I’m totally along for the ride. Whether you’re listening to their album, watching their creative music videos, or digging into their performance in this week’s Key Studio Session, you can tell they’re doing it because they love it, and don’t want to ruin that enjoyment with careerist distractions. “Let’s rip, guys!” Brendan McHugh cheerfully urged as their performance started off. You can hear that he means it – you can tell that the three guys playing with him aren’t just bandmates, but also friends. Stream and download their session below, and catch them in concert this weekend when they play an all-ages show at The Barbary with Band Name, Glocca Morra and Slingshot Dakota.