This was a nice treat in our headphones today – Philly space rock guy Brendan Codey shared “Twin Chimney,” the title track from the new release he’s putting out next month on the Texas-based cassette label Marmara Records. With its thick blend of vigorous acoustic guitar and wildly staggered guitar solos, it lands somewhere between Codey’s electric work and his acoustic folk side. So basically, it’s what Crazy Horse might have sounded like with Mark Kozelek at the microphone. Sick, right? Codey tells us that side A of the cassette (the white side) is rockers like this one, while side B (the black side) is slow-builders. Or more accurately, slow-builder, singular. He says the eight-minute number on that side, “A Well-Made Box Parts 1 and 2,” is a song that’s “for turning the lights off and lying on your back staring at the ceiling.” We can’t wait. Pre-order Twin Chimney from Marmara here, listen to the title track below.