In a confluence of art and design, local film production company Sukkatash teamed up with HyLo Boutique to present The Living.  The dialogue-free film is propelled by an exquisitely composed score by three area musicians – Julian Franklin (Elegant Animals), Josh Hey and Khari Mateen – while the characters’ threads were provided by local brands Duke & Winston and Couture Vulture.  From Sukkatash:

The film tells the story of one man’s journey on the first night of fall. A widower attempts to regain normalcy, a year after the death of his wife. His path collides with a crafty kid who puts the widower’s commitment to the test.

The project was directed by Sukkatash’s Lendl Tellington and filmed in Philadelphia.  Watch The Living below.

TheLiving release from HyLo Boutiques on Vimeo.