Photo by Emma Fried-Cassorla

Every Saturday night (that would be tonight) on WXPN at 6 p.m., Jerry Blavat – The Geator with the Heater, The Boss with the Hot Sauce – hosts The Geator’s Rock N Roll Rhythm and Blues Express, one hour of the legendary Philly DJ doing what he does best: playing records, talking history, telling stories and taking us back in time. The Geator has his devoted legions of fans and writer, musician, urban planner (and former WXPN intern) Jeff Barg is one of them. Barg recently wrote a Philly Love Note to the Geator:

Dear Jerry “the Geator” Blavat,

I sometimes think I was born in the wrong decade. I can read history books and comb through old Inquirer and Evening Bulletin clippings and even talk to older Philadelphians, but all that will still only tell me what the city looked and acted like. But every Saturday night at 6, I can hear what it sounded like.

The Geator’s Rock ‘n’ Roll Rhythm ‘n’ Blues Express is a sonic time machine to a simpler Philadelphia, a time when street corners thrummed to the rhythm of doo-wop harmonies, and literally thousands of “yon teens” would cram into the Chez Vous Lounge or the Wagner Ballroom on a Saturday night to show off the latest dance crazes.

You can read the rest of the love note here. Listen to The Geator tonight at 6 p.m. right after The Many Moods of Ben Vaughn.