A little over a year ago, Blues / rock guitarist Mike “Slo Mo” Brenner (formerly of The Low Road) traveled to India to study Indian slide guitar with teacher Debashish Bhattacharya. While he was there, he recorded a few tracks to bring back home and work with. He then spent a year writing, recording, and collaborating with friends to create his new record, titled Tripti – meaning “satisfied”. (He tells us over e-mail that it’s also the name of his instructor’s wife, and the take-out Indian restaurant he frequented while studying.)

“It was such a great moment, to be in India, making music with my teacher, doing something very different than I had ever done,” writes Brenner of the project. “It’s very satisfying to finally release these tracks.”

There are guest appearances by several of Brenner’s new Indian friends, including Bhattacharya himself, as well as familiar Philly names like Susan Rosetti, who often performed with Brenner’s live band. The record was just released, and it is a charming blend of Brenner’s Western background and the traditions of Indian Sitar music. Watch video of his travels below, and listen to Tripti after the jump.