This month heralds either PhilaMOCA‘s final Tuesday Tune-Out of the winter or the first of the spring, and the lineup that local writer Nikki Volpicelli pulled together has a similar season-melding element to it.

You’ve seen Nikki’s byline here on The Key somewhat regularly; she also an editor for JUMP Philly, and runs her own music blog, Philadelphia Area Music Showcase, which is curating this month at the ‘MOCA. I’m pleased to welcome Nikki to this space (as an interviewee, rather than an interviewer) to tell us what’s in store. All events are at PhilaMOCA (531 N. 12th Street), start at 7:30pm and are $5.

From Nikki:

Coming into the whole Tuesday Tune-Out, I had two goals. One, I wanted to make sure I highlighted bands that weren’t playing out as much, but should – bands that people should know about and be able to hear. And two, I wanted to make sure every single night was compact. If you’re going, you’re going because you like this specific sound, and you’re not going to be let down by either of these bands.

Tuesday 3/5
Edison and Air is Human with film footage TBD

I thought it would be cool to get an instrumental band in the mix to have the video as well as this background music. If you’re more into what’s playing, or if you’re more into the band, you can switch back and forth. So with Air is Human, a two piece that does sci-fi instrumentals and ambient pieces, I think it’s going to be a good combination. And with Edison, I was looking for a band that would compliment the ambient, but also who had lyrics and vocals, because I figured an entire night of instrumentals would get droney. My friend Colin Kerrigan of Out of Town Films recommended Edison [Michael James Murray of Out of Town Fims plays guitar in the band – ed.], so I listened to them, and I liked their music as well. It’s going to be a stripped down set for them, but they’re going to put together a montage that they’re going to perform to. And we’re going back and forth about screening a movie afterwards or just playing a set of videos of past shows or atmospheric stuff.

Tuesday 3/12
Amanda X and Point Breeze with a screening of Half-Cocked

I like some harder punk, but for the most part you have to have something catchy in you that’s going to reach me. And the first time I heard South Philly’s Point Breeze, it was like this is a great band that’s easy to listen to. And Amanda X, they’re another cool new punk band; two Cats and a Tiffany who play power jams with Corin Tucker-style vocals. We’ve actually announced the film we’re screening for this one: Half-Cocked. It’s a black and white movie that was shot on 16 mm film, and its basically about a young twentysomething that lives in a punk flophouse. She wants to move, she doesn’t know what she’s doing with her life, so she steals her brother’s band’s van and makes a fake band with her friends so they can stay on the road. It’s cool, beautiful, and has some funny characters. And it fits! They’re both DIY Punk Bands, and this is a total DIY punk movie!

Tuesday 3/19
Cruiser and Younger Me with a film screening TBA

Originally I wanted it to be beach themed, I wanted this to be my summer show. Cruiser does hazy, warm-body, summer morning music, and Younger Me is eccentric, multi-instrumental bop-pop. But Cruiser is going to be playing to found footage that Andy States from the band put together, and they may play a movie afterwards, that’s still up in the air.

Tuesday 3/26
Auctioneer and Heyward Howkins with a video installation

Shaking Through: Auctioneer from Weathervane Music on Vimeo.

Craig is the first person I asked; I actually met him with the interview I did for The Key. I loved Auctioneer‘s music from the start, knew he was working on a new album. He’s been playing out a lot, and has been in the studio every single day from like 10 to 10 or something. As far as I know, the album should be coming out in the next two or three months. And with Heyward Howkins they’re both autumnal, they got the same vibe. And Heyward, I love how all of his lyrics are so visual, he tells such a good story with all his songs.

Craig’s inspiration with the movie was the Nightlands set that Bands in the Backyard did. He siad I don’t want to do just a movie, I want to do something super interesting and creative and off the wall. And I was like “I trust you completely.” He’s enlisted two local filmmakers, Jesse Engaard and Chris Thomas, and they’re going to do a multi-projection installation, six of Jesse’ short videos at once with Chris doing live video mixing.

Broad Indications from Jesse Gorham-Engaard on Vimeo.