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Scotland’s Django Django are quite possibly one of the most creative bands making music right now. On their debut, self-titled record (which was nominated for a Mercury Prize), they combine classic desert rock and campfire songs with bloopy, electronic accents and lush vocal harmonies—for a result that sounds a little like it was composed by a futuristic robot cowboy. Friday night, the foursome brought their unique art rock to life at Union Transfer, wowing the crowd with their musicality and stage show.

Clad in matching shirts with mysterious symbols, and playing in front of a large projection screen bathed in imagery, Django Django appeared—to the unknowing observer at least—as ambassadors from a faraway planet, here to share their discoveries with Earth. Opener “Hail Bop” then could be an homage to their god—with its choral harmonies, and refrain of “Hail to the Bop”—while follower “Storm,” which followed a trajectory similar to that of atmospheric pressure before it rains—could be that same God becoming angered.

Other songs seemed more like celebrations than incantations: bouncy single “Default” inspired some serious moves from front man Vincent Neff, who proved excellent at riling the crowd AND beating his “egg box” (his words!)—while “Love’s Dart” inspired dance floor gold. Late night campfire dirge “Hand of Man” washed over the crowd like a warm wave—and “Skies Over Cairo” transported everyone to Egypt, let’s say Aladdin era, where belly dancers and snake charmers abound.

The band closed with showdown at High Noon groove “Wor,” impassioned cowbell and woodblock-playing replicating the sounds of horses’ hooves, scurrying off over the horizon. Django Django are a young band with a lot of promise—and we have a feeling that the next time they ride into town, it will be as well-known international heroes.

Set list:
Hail Bop
Love’s Dart
Hand of Man
Skies Over Cairo
Life’s a Beach

Silver Rays

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