Photo by Aldo Padaldo

Merchandise is a four piece from Tampa, Florida who are a product of Tampa’s punk rock/DIY scene. Up until recently the band was been a trio including guitarists and multi-instrumentalists David Vassalotti and front man Carson Cox, bassist Patrick Brady and a drum machine. Merchandise have added a live drummer, Elsner Niño, to its lineup. While the band is rooted in punk rock and hardcore, they’ve matured musically over time and continue to synthesize their diverse musical influences which include everything from Monk to Miles, Dylan to the Rolling Stones, and Big Black to Captain Beefheart. Merchandise has a new album called Totale Nite coming out on Night-People on April 2nd. The band plays Johnny Brenda’s on Monday, June 17th with Milk Music. Go here for tickets and more information about the show. Below, listen to “Who Are You?”