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A few weeks ago, we posted about 1994!’s new EP, Fuck It. What we didn’t mention was drummer Mike Kuhn’s drum-drunk side project, NAH. It would have been a useful mention, because the influences that the project had on the new 1994! release are clear. But it would have also been useful because NAH is an incredibly cool fringe project that blends a whole bunch of noise with a whole bunch of other noise, and then drums yr head into oblivion. It’s overwhelming but never out of control, because Kuhn keeps a real tight leash on his boisterous jams, both live and on tape.

A group like this can be hard to place for a listener. Familiarity is crucial in music, and when stuff like this comes around, it’s difficult to categorize, which too often means it gets left behind. Well, luckily we live in the post-modern media-saturated mire that is 2013, and someone had the genius idea of mixing the old NAH tune, “definitely, no” with footage from the reality-horror film V/H/S, which tore up the indie film circuit last year. The two aesthetics blend extremely well, and the video has potential be the kind of thing that helps people make sense of what they’re listening to – music that might otherwise be quite bewildering. It’s not an official video, and there doesn’t even appear to be an author’s name attached. But fuck it. It’s 2013. Watch the video and get down with NAH.

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