Magic Death Sounds present Detroit band Jamaican Queens at House of Hayes on Friday, March 29th.  Their debut LP Wormfood, released last week, could have been labeled hardcore indie pop but the trio decided to go their own way, inventing a new category dubbed “trap pop.”  The made-up tag is fitting, if ambiguous, as Jamaican Queens applied that same abandon of previously outlined conventions for genre and narrative on the album’s nine tracks, tackling topics of urban violence, love and other, more illicit, experiences.  Despite the serious nature of some of the songs (“Kids Get Away,” for example) Jamaican Queens managed to turn Wormfood into an incredibly infectious and addicting record with sticky, eighties informed synths programmed behind the dramatic vocals.  More information for their show at House of Hayes with Charmaine’s Name, Meghan’s TV and Rexedog can be found on the Facebook event page here.  Below, watch the video for “Water” and stream “Asleep at the Wheel.”  Wormfood is available as a name-your-own-price download on Jamaican Queens’ Bandcamp here.