He only lived locally for a year, but folk-influenced acoustic guitarist Daniel Bachman made quite an impression while he was in town. Since he moved back to his native Fredericksburg, VA, we’ve kept tabs on Bachman’s nervous, nimble acoustic guitar playing through his Folkadelphia session, catching appearances at Little Berlin and Brickbat Books, seeing him at the Tompkins Square showcase at South by Southwest last week and hearing this collaborative EP, recorded with experimental Colorado musician Matthew Sage for the Patient Sounds label. The two track cassette, Low in the HIgh Desert, was an improvisational effort, per the label:

Daniel Bachman rolled into Fort Collins to play his first Colorado show ever at the Bizarre Bazaar. He was laid out by the altitude, and played a crazy, heavy set of songs while his guitar wailed in and out of tune adjusting to our rather inhospitable climate here in Colorado in March.

The next morning Daniel & Matthew sat in the studio and cut a few tracks before Daniel split south…they improvised these two pieces. They were a little thing unto themselves. A powerful hazy force in a compact dose. Working out working with less air in yr blood.

This release is supposed to feel as improvised, in the moment, as the session was. We worked out the details while Daniel’s laundry dried. That is why this is PSltd001 – because it is something extra special to us – something extra short run.

The limited-edition cassette is already sold out, but you can download it here. Listen to excerpts from the session below.