Crybaby from West Chester delivers sensorial lyrics through equally textured vocals to head-banging, mosh-inducing pop punk. The band is barely a year old, but their debut album, Coming Undone is a kind of melodic anxiety attack you want to repeat; think nostalgia for PTSD. Coming Undone is a smart and classic pop punk composition of guitar, drum and bass combined with the most articulately metaphoric lyrics about anxiety and self-doubt. The first song, “Canyon” is fun but also fueled with a lot of anger. Consider the lyrics: “you’re a coward who finishes first / you’re a swinging fist, a fucking symptom that lurks / years after treatment, passively fearing the worst.” How much more can this band cut to the bone? The lyrics can really bring you down in a cathartic sort of way, and the upbeat drum and bass with playful guitar riffs make for an album and show you don’t want to miss. They play tonight at West Philly’s Golden Tea House with Ma Jolie, Two Hand Fools and Martin; information can be found at the event’s Facebook page.