Bad Braids’ front woman Megan Biscieglia has a voice that would make a Siren jealous.  It’s hauntingly powerful and perfectly positioned in “Pennies,” a brief and unassuming track off of the psych-folk outfit’s sophomore release, Supreme Parallel (available in full May 1). We previewed a few tracks from the album last October during Bad Braids’ Key Studio Session, but this week we’re devoting daily posts to the new material for our Unlocked series, where we feature in-depth coverage of new releases from notable Philadelphia-based artists.

“Pennies” starts off as a delicate trickle, utilizing Biscieglia’s multi-instrumental expertise through plucky guitar and haunting harp harmonies. Her vocals start out carefully spaced-out and cavernous, but grow brighter and more structured as the song carries on. At less than three minutes, it’s the perfect introduction to the Braids’ sound: experimental, evocative and tragically beautiful, a sound so mesmerizing it could sink mythical ships.