All Day. All Over. All Free. That’s the idea behind the first Make Music Philly day on Friday, June 21st. Joining more than 500 other cities worldwide, Make Music Philly will be Philly’s first city-wide, free, “do it yourself” festival, featuring organized concerts and informal performances by professionals and amateurs of all genres and ages. The event, organized by WXPN with support from the City of Philadelphia’s Office of Arts, Culture and the Creative Economy will take place all across the city 8AM and 8PM. Performers of all ages, genres, sizes and talent levels can perform and all kinds of venues located across the city can host them, from the conventional to the offbeat.

A new website, Make Music Philly, has been launched that features special software to match artists who wish to perform with available performance spaces. Venues, promoters, community and arts organizations, businesses and anyone who loves music and wants to see and hear it flourish in Philadelphia are encouraged to register at the site, and help create Make Music Philly events. The website is also the resource for all information about Make Music Philly and the free music events taking place on June 21.

So, get your guitars out. Or your washboards and spoons.  And make some music. Make sure you tell everyone who likes to sing (professionally or not) and likes music, to spread the word. Head over to the Make Music Philly website here for more information.

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