We continue this week’s Unlocked series with Bad Braids, and the video for “Ode to Fig” from Bad Braids’ forthcoming album, Supreme Parallel, out on May 1st.

Bad Braids – Ode to Fig from Daughters on Vimeo.

I won’t ruin the ending for you, but I will say it’s unexpected. That’s the best thing to do when it comes to introducing film, isn’t it? Because if you start by telling someone there’s a strange twist, they can’t help but watch the entire way through. It’s in our nature as human beings to be curious when it comes to that type of stuff.

Not that this music video for “Ode to Fig” is a chore to sit through whatsoever. It looks like the best day of playing hookie imaginable. The video (which was created by Tamyka Smith and Diana Martinez of the Daughters Project in Brooklyn) is basically one grown man getting super day drunk and playing house in someone’s summer cabin the middle of the woods.

To be more specific: the furry fellow artist Mr. Troy Swain sits on a porch and frolics through the woods, aimin’ guns and drinking whiskey from his morning coffee cup all the way through the day until dusk, when he switches to the bottle. A rolling, folk guitar riff comes in over a lake full of sleepy, autumn foliage that’s sliced up through hazy transitions and shots of blinding sunlight. Everything is green, from the hunter color of our hero’s shirt to the long grass fields and trees growing out of them.

It’s a serene, pretty video that looks like it was as fun to film as it is to imagine yourself taking a day off and into the subject’s shoes… if he was even wearing them. The filmmakers, who are both great friends of Biscieglia, expected to be able to capture her as a similarly carefree woodland creature, but the poor girl sprained her ankle falling off of a tree stump before the shoot.

But that’s not even the most unexpected twist (you’ve got to watch all the way to the end for that).

To pre-order Supreme Parallel, visit Haute Magie. To preview some of the songs from the record, you can check out the Bad Braids Bandcamp page. Download “Pennies” from the album here.