Photo cred: Ally Newbold Photography

Philly’s Girl Scouts are a trio that blend math rock and emo together to create a dynamic sound. Watching them perform live is a treat because the level of skill and coordination they have is exciting, especially for being a young band. Barely in their 20’s, it’s inspiring to see young musicians who are as talented as they are.

Girl Scouts put out their first two song release entitled thanksalot in August 2011. In December 2011, they released a split single with Old Gray. Since their start, the trio has ripped up the basement scene in Philadelphia, playing some of the sweatiest shows I have ever been to. They’ve released one song that was going to be on a compilation, “Don’t Curse In Front of the Boys Goddammit!” as a single cleverly titled Some Song That Was Supposed To Be On Some Comp That Never Happened. The band also has a song, “Grist Mill Days,” that is on The BIG Comp, recently released on Lame-O.

Hopefully, after getting to know Girl Scouts, you will want to check them out. They are a lot of fun, and seriously talented. With just six songs, Girl Scouts have made quite an impression on the local scene. They Wednesday, May 22nd with Secret Plot to Destroy the Entire Universe, Caravels, Sic Bacchus, and Secret Grief at Thirst Mountain

Below, watch P.J. Carroll (guitar/vocals) from Girl Scouts perform a new song acoustically for Temple News and listen to a couple of their songs.