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We’re saddened to have just read news that one of our favorite Philly bands, Dangerous Ponies, are calling it quits. This just in from their Facebook page

dearest darlings,
we have some news to share.
its not happy news.
we will be playing our final show on May 26th in Philly.
These last four years together have been a beautiful and wild rollercoaster and we are all the better for having met all of you. Thank you for the couches, floors, and porches you shared with us, for eating endless breakfast burritos with us, for showing us the coolest parts of your towns and the secret swimming holes that only you know about, for thrift shopping with us, for getting on stage and playing with us, for telling your friends about us, but most importantly thank you for constantly supporting our music. It’s a dream to be able to travel the country with a group of your friends and play shows to keep the van moving. so seriously..thankyou.

It’s currently unclear as to what will happen next. You can find Evan playing with Holy Death and Kyle is always over Headroom Philadelphia recording bands. and Chrissy I’m sure will start a new project soon. So stay tuned. and hopefully you can make it on the 26th.

so much love forever.
♥ ♥ ♥ dp.

In October, 2010, Dangerous Ponies recorded a Key Studio Session. Listen to it here.

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