Photo by Ally Newbold,

Since their inception about a year and a half ago, Marietta has played countless shows – including some with prominent local punk names like Kite Party – and their super-likeable tunes have spread like wildfire, both via the internet and the local scene. Their new track, titled “O.K., Mom” has all of what has previously made this band great, but with a bunch of tasty new tricks. Perhaps most noticeable is the ease with which they pass the role of vocalist around to each member of the band, whereas in the past it was exclusively guitarists Evan Lescallette and Ethan Willard (a Key intern) whose back-and-forth vocal style gave the band a distinct sound.

The new track is on bandcamp for a low fee (due to a shortage of free downloads) but you can find a free mediafire download here. Also, like the band on Facebook so you can keep an eye out for their new record, which will be released within the next two months or so.