Local saloon-style rock band Low Cut Connie found themselves at the center of attention in a Chicago bowling alley a few weeks ago after getting a call from President Obama’s media staff.  Fans of Low Cut Connie, campaign staffers Mia Sorensen and Christopher Markos offered to film the band performing a couple of live, pop-up songs at Diversey Rock N’ Bowl near Logan Square.  “Boozophilia” (which charted at #31 in Rolling Stone’s top 50 songs of 2012) takes place in the crowded North Side alley while the boys serenaded a line of traffic in the parking lot for “Cat n’ Cream.”  You can catch Low Cut Connie at a pair of non-pop-up shows this summer, first at Appel Farm on June 1st and then at Underground Arts on August 3rd.  Tickets and information for both shows can be found here.  Watch the Chicago videos below.