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Photo via Did you ever date someone to find out they had “unfortunate” taste in music? Wouldn’t it be great if there was a dating app that eliminates the time wasted getting to know people who have bad taste in music? Well, now there is. it’s called Dealbreaker.

How about an app that tells us if our favorite songs could make us happy or sad? There’s one of those now, too. It’s called Are You Happy Now?

These two apps, along with 23 others were created last weekend, May 18-19 at Philly’s first ever Music Hack Day sponsored by The Echo Nest, a “music intelligence platform company that provides music services to developers and media companies.” Music Hack Day was held at Drexel University’s ExCITe Center and gathered together programmers, designers and artists to conceptualize, build and demo music applications. In addition to the Dealbreaker and Are You Happy Now hacks, other projects included The Melodic Twit, a tool that determines if a tweet is positive or negative, then auto-tuned with a voice on top of a musical backing track; All That Philly Jazz, a tool that maps Philly’s historic jazz clubs and places around the city, and an app to create a radio station based on the personalities of the characters from Arrested Development. You can view the complete list of Music Hack Day Philadelphia projects here. An overview of the event on the Echo Nest blog is here.

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