Because you love to discover great music, this week we’ll be debuting 3 new Folkadelphia Sessions for you to fall in love with. We’re going to focus on songwriters of varying styles – each come to the art of crafting a song in different ways, but the results are equivalently enriching for the body, heart, mind, and soul.

On Sunday, you heard from Nashville based Holly Williams, channeling her family’s legacy and carving her own musical path – stream & download the songs (all culled from her latest full-length The Highway) from that session here. Check back Thursday to hear our session with New Yorker Matt Sucich.

Now, let’s introduce you to Daniel Sheron and his evolving musical collective called Balto. Like many songwriters before him, Sheron gathers his influences from what he see and feels- the wonder of the road, what can be discovered upon introspection, the modern American mythology. Balto’s songs came together through Sheron’s experiences and they are told in earnest and meaningful tones. On his latest album Monuments, we hear Sheron’s major progression as an artist.

Sheron was able to stop by the WXPN Performance Studio while he was on the East Coast back in March. Here he presents tracks from Monuments. Balto returns to Philadelphia on Friday, June 21st to perform at Lickety Split.