You love to discover great music and we love to share it. This week, we have been debuting 3 new Folkadelphia Sessions for you to fall in love with. We’re going to focus on songwriters of varying styles – each come to the art of crafting a song in different ways, but the results are equivalently enriching for the body, heart, mind, and soul.

On Sunday, you heard from Nashville based Holly Williams, channeling her family’s legacy and carving her own musical path – stream & download the songs (all culled from her latest full-length The Highway) from that session here. On Tuesday, you learned about Daniel Sheron’s project Balto and the sincere songs hewn from own experiences – stream & download the session here.

Now we’ll hear from New York located singer-songwriter Matt Sucich (which, by the way, is pronounced “SUE-SITCH”).

Last year, Sucich released an excellent collection of songs in an album called Layers (where you can also find the studio recordings of our session tracks). What quickly becomes apparent is that Sucich is a songwriter in the classic New York cafe sense – I can imagine him spilling his heart out to a spellbound seated audience in an intimate candlelit room. He draws you in; the music is comfortable, easy to try on, and the voice is trustworthy, a pleasure to listen to. Once you’re hooked, you discover Sucich has serious storytelling chops. We can’t wait to hear what he shows us next.

In addition to last year’s full-length, a brand new limited seven-inch is available featuring the “House of Cards,” as well as a single “My Only Problem With You.”

Matt has two upcoming area appearances – the first comes this weekend at Dover, DE’s uberfest Firefly Music Festival, where Matt plays on Sunday, June 23rd, and the second comes at Newton Square, PA’s cafe/venue Burlap and Bean Cafe, where Matt plays on September 14th.

On this Sunday’s radio show, we’ll be premiering Nashville instrumental guitarist William Tyler‘s Folkadelphia Session.