Introducing French: Philly psychedelic bedroom pop - WXPN | Vinyl At Heart

Mikey Franz has been releasing a slew of singles for a while now under the name French, but I still don’t know how to categorize his music.  At times it’s straight-up psychedelic.  At other times it’s lo-fi trip-hop or bedroom pop or shoegaze.  Basically, French takes a bunch of genres at makes music to either fit into these categories or just mashes them all into one combined sound.  This leads to a large variety of sounds on his singles, opening up space for fans of nearly any genre to fall in love with one song or another.  French’s latest single, is one of his more mellow tracks.  “Candlelight” is the perfect name for this single: a quiet love song that sounds like the Beach Boys got a hold of some of Beach House’s instruments.  For a small sample of the wide palate that is French, check out the single below.

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