All photos by Abi Reimold |

Dark and danceable, The Downtown Club sound like they arrived from a different era of downtown Philly. Dan Welsh’s hammering rhythms and Travis Regan’s wandering bass are tight and compact, cooking up a brooding new wave brew reminiscent The Cure and Siouxie and the Banshees. Nailing in that latter comparison is April Harkanson’s soaring voice and shimmering guitar playing; she fronts the three-piece with ferocity. The band has been kicking around Philly for a couple years, and is getting ready to release its latest EP this August. When they came in to perform live for the Key Studio Sessions, we were treated to a few choice new cuts (“Victoria” is a standout) and back-catalogue dig ins like “Bury Me.” The band celebrates Independence Day with a gig at Ortlieb’s Lounge, and if you’re not amped, they’ll make you amped. Listen and download below.