Philly native Bilal (who now resides in Brooklyn) spent much of the aughts with only one album to his name, 2001’s lauded 1st Born Second. Things picked up again in 2010 with Airtight’s Revenge and last February A Love Surreal, last February, and Bilal has once again begun getting out there as both a performer with an imaginative and distinctive style (see the above artwork from Surreal).  This week Mikael Colombu, who has directed music videos for artists such as The Weeknd and Cee Lo, uploaded his own fan-made video of Bilal live in Paris.  The video features Bilal performing a ten minute long jam of “Slipping Away” off his new album.  After a few minutes of warming up, Bilal really cranks it, showing his incredible vocal range as he dashes around the stage. Below, check out what may be the best iPhone concert video you’ll ever see.