Last winter, we heard the beautiful ambient EP The Heart Weeps for What It’s Lost from Philly’s Michael James Murray, a videographer with Out of Town Films and member of Edison.  Now in stark contrast with the snowy sounds and timing, Michael James Murray’s second EP is streaming in the middle of a hot and humid summer.  But seasonal changes aside, there’s still plenty of space for the whispered sounds of The Heart Weeps for What It’s Lost II.  The four tracks move along at a slow pace, humming in long drawn-out tones amidst quiet recorded voices all culminating in the glistening “Hidden Valley” (think Lord Huron slowed way down).  If his last EP was meant for the snow, think of this as music for those long summer days where it’s just too hot to do anything but watch the sunset with your headphones on.  Below you can check out a stream of the EP, which will be available for purchase in November on Marmara Records.